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Grizzly Sow Nursing Cubs: Denali 2016

April 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


I've posted once already about my 2016 trip to Denali.  The rain was epic.  I took about 2700 frames.  My best guess is that there was "sun" shining in maybe 50 frames.  Nonetheless, I loved it.  And, I have a return trip planned out for this year.


As a lone camper and hiker, I feel it prudent to take a lot of care, and I mean a LOT of care, hiking alone in grizzly country.  Such was Denali.  I saw about 40 grizzly over 11 days.  I spent a fair amount of my hiking time evading grizzlies.  I yell a lot so they know I'm around.  The most common scenario was to see them come over a ridge, and head toward me, not yet knowing I was there.  They can cover ground very fast, certainly faster than me.  I retreated to the road several times to get on one of the hiker buses because the grizzlies were getting too close.


I photographed (handheld, 100mm, first photo, below) this sow nursing her cubs after such a retreat to a bus.  The sow came over a ridge with her cubs and headed for me.  She did not seem to know that I was there.  I walked left.  She and her cubs headed left.  I headed right.  They headed right.  I figured a retreat was in order about that time. 



The 2nd photo (below) is the first photo at 100%.  The 3rd photo shows her claws quite nicely.  No thank you:)




P.S.  If you are wondering....no, I won't take photos of grizzlies from the tundra while hiking alone.  Very dangerous.  I'm too busy walking the other way.



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