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Sublimelightlp.com: Major Changes Now Completed

January 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


I used the beginning of 2018 to finish the overhaul of the Sublime Light Landscape Photography website.  In December, I made major changes focused on landscape "paintings".  The 2018 changes reorganized "photos".  The changes:


  1. Structure: There are now four high level galleries.  The Favorite Photos gallery also serves as the home page.
  2. I organized the Photo Galleries to be by Country - State/Province - Park, where applicable.  I think that this will be a more intuitive way to find locations of interest
  3. I "randomized" the order of presentation of the photos in all galleries.  I did this to make the presentation (hopefully) more interesting
  4. I consolidated my previous two favorite photo galleries down to one Favorite Photos gallery with my favorite ~15% of photos




I like the result.  Hope you do as well.  







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