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The Story Behind the Photo: Ontario Sunrise

March 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Last year, Kathy and I toured northern Ontario for fall color.  Pukaskwa National Park, and Algonquin, Killarney, and Lake Superior Provincial Parks.  If you want to get away from it all, and avoid the fall color crowds in the USA, may I humbly suggest northern Ontario.  Mile after mile of nothing but forests.  Wow.


One morning, our goal (OK, my goal) was to get to a trailhead at sunrise.  We were on the road driving to the trailhead, and got to watch a truly exquisite sunrise start to develop through the trees.  There was mile after mile of trees, so there was no place to get a clearing to photograph the sunrise.  Then, we passed a house on the side of the road.  The house had a pretty large clearing that offered a good view of the sun lighting up the underside of the clouds.


In general, I don't do a lot of photography off of main roads.  I don't do much shooting over houses or yards.  Perhaps I've turned into a little bit of a landscape photo snob.....I want my photos to be taken deep into a hike and way off of the road.   



Kathy was much smarter than that.  She wanted to stop.  We stopped and she happily started taking photos of this exquisite sunrise.  I watched her do that for a couple of minutes, and then decided that the sunrise was too good to pass up.  It really was.  It was one of the best sunrises I've seen in a couple of years.





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