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Major Changes to Sublime Light Landscape Photography: Paintings Galleries

December 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


I recently made four major changes to the Sublime Light Landscape Photography website:


  1. I created a comprehensive Paintings Galleries with "paintings" created by Topaz Simplify for all of my photos, which total about 6,000.  I have found that I like the paintings just as much as the photos, and in some cases, more
  2. I organized the Paintings Galleries to be by Country - State/Province - Park, where applicable.  I think that this will be a more intuitive way to find locations of interest.  I've only photographed 4 countries: the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and the Bahamas, but  I have photographed them extensively
  3. I "randomized" the order of presentation of the photos in all of the Paintings galleries.  I did this to make the presentation (hopefully) more interesting.  Zenfolio, my photo hosting vendor, does not provide the capability to randomize photo order, so I developed a method for randomizing photos using a Windows Powershell command
  4. I created a Favorite Paintings Gallery with my favorite ~10% of paintings



In the next few months, I plan to reorganize the Photo Galleries to use 'Country - State/Province - Park' as well, and I will also implement photo randomization in those galleries.  That will break the links in my blog, so I will have to make the changes slowly and to rebuild the blog as I go.  


For the creation of paintings from Topaz Simplify, I ran batch actions (programs) in Photoshop.  So, other than starting the batches, I really did not work that hard to create the paintings.  It took about 10 days, round-the-clock, for the batch programs to run, at about 40% CPU usage on my Puget Genesis I Workstation (highly recommended) for most of that time.  I'm not looking forward to my next electric bill.



I will write a future post about what I learned about how Topaz Simplify works, and about my Powershell randomization command.


Please give the Favorite Paintings Gallery and the Paintings Galleries a look.  








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