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Our Photo Processing Approach

December 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


For those of you who might be curious about our photo processing approach, here it is:


For most photos, if there are road or other signs of people, we usually (not always) remove them with content-aware fill or manually….. we process the photo to the scene we wanted to see.   The exception will be trails....we like to leave trails in photos to give them a sense of place.


For astrophotography, (as you might have guessed) we usually greatly boost blues and decrease greens and reds. 


We would describe the overall level of processing as “middle of the road”.  We pay a lot of attention to contrast, exposure, color/white balance, and vibrance, and we try to avoid over-saturation.   


Kolor stitching | 3 pictures | Size: 10041 x 7604 | Lens: Standard | RMS: 2.37 | FOV: 78.12 x 54.57 ~ 1.52 | Projection: Cylindrical | Color: LDR |


Jeff and Kathy


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