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Getting Spectacular Shots: Don't Wait for the "Bad" Weather to Clear

November 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


I'll admit it.  It can be difficult to get motivated to go out with photo gear in "bad" weather.  It usually boils down to probability.  If it is raining, it might be dreary or rain all day.  I've walked a lot of disappointing miles in the rain.  If it is foggy and I'm looking for vistas, I probably won't get them, at least for a few hours.  If it's windy, it will likely stay windy for a while.  


That's not always the case, however.  To get memorable shots, as I've said before, you have to "get out there".  


The shot taken below was from the Kepler Track in New Zealand.  The Kepler has some very fine backcountry huts.  I was over-nighting at the Luxmore Hut, which is above the treeline, with about 50 other trampers.  As is my habit, I was up well before sunrise to catch the first light of day.  Unfortunately, the hut was in the clouds and there would no sunrise pics to be had near the hut.  Somewhat disappointed, but determined, I ate my breakfast, put on my day photo backpack, and headed out without delay.  Almost all of the other trampers had risen, but had decided to wait to see if it would clear before heading out for the next hut.  They wanted the views.   



About 300 feet above the hut, I broke above the clouds.  The view was spectacular: mountaintops pierced the clouds in almost all directions that I looked.  I shot the amazing scenery for about 3 hours before the first trampers passed me.  They had waited the longest time before leaving the hut.  In the meantime, I had one of the best morning light shows ever.




Moral of the story: "Get out there", even when things don't look promising.





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