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"Undiscovered" Gem: Valley of the Gods

November 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


While planning an Arizona trip in 2014, we read about a little known scenic area called Valley of the Gods, located about 40 miles northeast of Monument Valley.  We planned on spending a couple of days at Monument Valley, and we added a couple of days for Valley of the Gods.  Boy, are we glad that we did. 



We liked Monument Valley.  Very scenic, but also very crowded, with about 1000 visitors per day.  We like to get away from the crowds, and we could do that at Valley of the Gods.  For the two days we toured Valley of the Gods, we saw about 20 people total.  And, Valley of the Gods was every bit as scenic, probably even more scenic, than Monument Valley.  Access is via a paved but well-graded 17 mile dirt road.  



Yes, Monument Valley is a classic, well worth visiting, with some iconic scenes that you cannot shoot anywhere else.  But we're guessing that you will like Valley of the Gods better.  



Jeff and Kathy


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