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Landscape Photography Trip Preparation: Creating the Hike List - Adirondack State Park

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Over time, we have developed a pretty detailed planning approach for our landscape photography trips.  One of the lists that we create is a list of hiking trails to walk.  We do a lot of advanced research to identify the best trails within our capabilities (e.g. nothing more than very mild scrambling, 4000' or less elevation gain for Jeff, 1200' or less elevation gain for Kathy) and that, based upon internet trip reviews, offer the best scenery.  In our trail list, the trails or ranked from 10 (Must Do) to 5 (Maybe we do it if we are bored).  Anything below a 5 is not worth hiking and is removed from the list.


We thought we would share the internet sources for trail reviews and descriptions that we found most helpful for our 2015 fall color NY-Adirondack Park trip.  The trip preparation paid off in spades: the trail list was spot-on, and the weather was fabulous.



The best internet trail review and description sources that we found for Adirondack State Park:

  • CNY Hiking

  • Wildernesscapes Photography, Adirondack Park Galleries.  This website by Johnathan Esper is a very good (probably the best) Adirondacks photo gallery that we have seen.   We used the photos to identify which mountains to climb.  Many of Johnathan's photos were taken from the treetops, so some of his views required tree climbs!

  • Adirondack.net

  • Adirondack Mountain Club

  • YouTube.com.  For trail candidates we found from other sources, we would search for videos on YouTube, especially to see if the trail required significant scrambling, and to get a better sense of the views.


In general, the lower mountains offered much better color than the higher mountains, and thus were our focus for this trip.


Jeff and Kathy


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