2017 Canadian Rockies Expedition: Ended Early due to Wildfires and Smoke

August 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


I cut short my 2017 Canadian Rockies expedition due to the wildfires and the smoke, and headed home on August 4.  I had experienced six straight days of moderate to heavy smoke.  See my previous post.  The scores of British Columbia wildfires were not abating.  The weather forecast indicated at least 8-9 days of heat and sun before any significant rains that might wash the smoke out of the air.  I drove ~300 miles north to south; the entire drive was smoky.  There seemed to be no place to go.  Would some days be clear until my planned return on Aug 24?  Probably.  But my best guess was one quarter or fewer of the days.  Meanwhile, my costs to stay in the Canadian Rockies mounted because I was not backpacking.  And, I would have simply expended unnecessary energy and gasoline driving around.  I decided that August probably was not going to be a good month to do photography in the Canadian Rockies.


On the positive side, I did get to do a very scenic open-window aerial photography flight of the Purcell Mountains, during which I took 700 frames.  I also did two days day-hiking in Kananaskis Country and a night of astrophotography; both were gorgeous.  In all, I took 1100 frames.


It's a very bad wildfire season.  I am concerned for Canada, for the world, and for mankind.






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