2017 Canadian Rockies Expedition: Aerial Tour of the Purcell Mountains

July 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Day 1 of my 2017 Canadian Rockies tour started off very well: I did a 2-hour open-window aerial photography tour with Kootenay Lake Aviation in Nelson, BC.  We flew over the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Provincial Park and Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park.  There were two visible forest fires, but luckily the smoke was not widely dispersing, so we were able to go around the fires.   I shot 700 frames in all, albeit many with a lot of overlap.  I assessed about 10 photos: all were sharp.  Looks like a good flight.  Extraordinarily spectacular scenery. 


My Airbnb host for the first two nights (Bram in Windermere, BC) kindly let me know of a bald eagle nest 1/2 mile from his house.  I drove over to take a look, and just as I pulled up, "Mom and Dad" flew in with food for the eaglets, dropped it off, had a minor "disagreement", and then left in search of more food.  Pretty cool.


I developed two photso from the flight, just as samples:




Hope you like them.






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