The Story Behind the Photo: Autumn Reflection in La Mauricie National Park, Quebec

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Rain.  Rain can make or break a landscape photography trip.  On the plus side, rain clears away smog and haze, rain fills streams, rain clouds can create drama, and rain can saturate colors.  On the negative side, I've been on trips where it rains almost all the time.  I mostly don't shoot in the rain.  Rain can quickly damage a camera, and a lens that is wet will simply result in a blurry image.   So, when it rains a lot, I can have a lot of boring down time.  I will, however, stand for hours in the rain waiting for the rain to abate so I can get a photo.  That is what I did to make the panorama below of Lac Bouchard in La Mauricie National Park, Quebec.  



My trip to Mont Tremblant and La Mauricie National Parks in 2010 was wet.  It rained straight for about 4 days.  After that, when it was not raining, it threatened rain.  Lac Bouchard is a pretty gem of a lake.  I got there while it was raining.  I noticed that the far shore was about a perfect distance for a 100 mm lens.  Once I found the area where I wanted to shoot, I stood there for about 90 minutes until the rain abated.  I quickly shot the panorama, and after I was done, almost on cue, the rain started again.  I went back to Lac Bouchard several times during the trip, and was also able to catch it with a fog bank just above the trees.  See our QC-La Mauricie National Park gallery for more.   


This panorama is the first photo in our "Favorite Photos" gallery, and it is one of my all time favorite photos.




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