Our 10 Favorite Landscape Photographers

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These are ten of our favorite landscape and nature photographers that we follow for inspiration:


1. Marc Adamus.  Marc creates truly exquisite photos.  His photos are heavily post-processed to, in his words, "evoke an emotional response", but the end result is truly stunning.  

2. Max Rive.  Max is also a post-processing master, creating imagery that has exceptional lighting.

3. Paul Zizka.  Paul got started photographing the Canadian Rockies and expanded from there.  I love his photos that include a person as a small part of the larger spectacular landscape.  See his self-portrait gallery for examples.

4. Andris Apse.  Andris has photographed New Zealand better than anyone else.  We own several of his books, including "Te-Wahipounamu. South-west New Zealand World Heritage Area" and "New Zealand Landscapes".  Truly breathtaking photos.  A true master.

5. David Muench.  David, to us, is the king of large-format film landscape photography.  One of his signature looks is a sharp foreground of flowers with an equally sharp background of mountain peaks.  Another true master.

6. Tom Mangelsen.  Tom has perhaps the best wildlife portfolio and California flower portfolio of any of the masters.  

7. Ryan Dyar.  Ryan is another master of light focused on big, bold, dramatic scenes.

8. Alex Noriega.  Alex's work showcases outstanding composition AND light, which is difficult to do.

9. Jim Reed.  Jim specializes in the increasingly popular extreme weather photography, including supercells, storms, and tornadoes.

10. Elizabeth Gadd.  Elizabeth has created a unique genre of wilderness self-portraits, often in a dress.  Quite new and innovative!


We hope you like them as much as we do.


Jeff and Kathy


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